What jobs can you get with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Curious as to what jobs can you get with a Criminal Justice Degree?

According to a Rasmussen University study into what people do once they obtain their Criminal Justice Degree, the top 10 jobs were: Business Intelligence Analyst, Retail loss prevention specialist, Mental Health Counselor, Social Worker, Chemist, Social and Human Service Assistant, Police Patrol Officer, Health Care Social Worker, Child/Family/School Social Worker, and Intelligence Analyst. Many people who go into the Criminal Justice Degree Path have a desire to help others. This is probably the reason a large number of Criminal Justice Degree holders end up going into some avenue of social work. There are so many areas of our society’s structure that need good Social Workers to aid people in various walks of life and hardship.

Intelligence Analysts use Criminal Justice Degrees

Intelligence analysts for government agencies or businesses work on gathering and interpreting data for a particular cause. For government agencies, intelligence analysts work on evaluating information in order to prevent crimes from happening. Typically, these positions are upper-level that require years of experience working with all sorts of statistics and data. It is much easier to begin work as an intelligence analyst working for a business organization. In most cases businesses like to hire people with at least a bachelors in something like criminal justice or statistics. Business intelligence analysts work on producing financial and marketing intelligence. Looking at statistics and trends, trying to predict patterns and making recommendations for how a business should be running. Intelligence analysts make good money if they are good at compiling valid research. As far as careers go for people with Criminal Justice degrees, intelligence analysts make some of the best salaries. It is hard work, and a person has to be very good at what they do in order to succeed in this sector of intelligence. It is very competitive and requires people with a capacity to think and analyze in a consistently accurate way. It is definitely not a job that just anyone can succeed in, but it is one that is vital to the both government agencies and large businesses.

Criminal Justice Degree for Social Work

Many people who begin with Criminal justice degrees end up going into some sector of the social work field. Again, this is primarily because there are so many people in society who need social work help in some capacity. Many of these individuals have either committed crimes, or have been directly related to someone or some instance of crime in their lives that has greatly effected them. Most people going into the Criminal Justice sector are doing so because they want to help stop, prevent, and help people recover from crimes committed or afflicted. Many of these individuals find the social work aspect of this profession to be the most rewarding and engaging. Most social work type jobs require the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in some type of human related area of study (criminal justice, teaching, psychology, sociology etc.), some even require a masters. Salary for jobs in social work and counseling are a competitive with similar type work, like a teacher’s salary. It’s not the high end of the salary scale, but it can be very emotionally rewarding work.

Chemistry & Criminal Labs (think CSI)

Chemistry, particularly in the area of criminal lab work, is another job area that people with a criminal justice degree pursue. Often this requires a lot of science background and training. People who are looking to go into jobs similar to what is seen in shows like CSI, often look into the chemistry aspect of criminal justice. Forensic science has become a very popular avenue for many people since the popularity of crime shows. Salary for people who work in crime labs is typically higher than social work jobs, but lower than that of people who work as intelligence analysts.

Police Officer

Another job that many people going into criminal justice pursuing is patrol officer, or police officer. This is one of the most common things people think of when thinking about criminal justice. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it is a great way to get started in police work. Often people start as a patrol officer and work their way up into other areas of the police force. Salary for patrol officers typically starts around 40,000 or so. Working your way up in the police force has the potential for much higher salaries, however.
Another entry level criminal justice degree job would be a social and human service assistant. Typically these people work with individuals who have recently been released from jail or prison, helping them re-integrate into society. Many of the responsibilities of service assistants include counseling people in order to prevent further crime or drug addiction, helping individuals find housing and jobs etc.

Loss Prevention & Retail Security

Finally, there is always a need for people in the loss prevention sector of retail. This is another entry level type position. Businesses like to hire individuals with a background in criminal justice, this can help prevent crime and left in the retail industry, as well as catch criminals who are consistently stealing from businesses.

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